Study of iPhone Malang Community Interaction Using Social Network Analysis

Dini Turipanam Alamanda1, Adhi Prasetio1,2, Osa Omar Sharif1, Cut Irna Setiawati3, Ilham Perdana1, and Erry Ramadani1

1 Telkom University, School of Economics and Business, Bandung, Indonesia

2 Universitas Pendidikan Indonesia, School of Economics and Business, Bandung, Indonesia

3 Telkom University, School of Communication and Business, Bandung, Indonesia

Abstract. The scope of interacting in virtual communities today encourages the formation of iDevice community, Malang iPhone community is the example.  Not only shades  the iPhone users, but also other iDevice such as iPod, iPad, Mac, and Instagram. Interaction that exist in the community through the twitter iPhone Malang creates a dense social network. That density creates virtual social networks. Solid information dissemination among members of the community in the virtual world collects huge data that can be processed through the method of Social Network Analysis and able to analyze actors that play an important role in the network. The purpose of this study is to determine the interaction patterns, the actors who play a role in business conversations and to predict business opportunities within the community of @iphonemalang which can be maximized by looking at the pattern of interaction. The results of this paper will produce patterns of community interaction to the brand Apple.

Keywords: Community; Social Interaction; Social Network Analysis


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