Valuable Craft: A Co-creation as a factor of success in Zocha Vetiver Root Industry


The vetiver roots (Vetivera ziazinodes) are raw materials for perfume manufacture in a way taken its oil, while the root itself is usually discarded as waste. Vetiver roots producing fragrant only exist in three places in the world, namely in Haiti (Central America), Bourbond (French colony), and Garut (Indonesia). Exploit the vetiver roots waste, now, the Garut small creative industry named Zocha producing the roots into crafts and there are almost entirely made by hands. By using Non Machine Woven Tool, the vetiver roots become wools and then become valuable arts and scented crafts. Today, Zocha exports its products to overseas, and tries to develop cooperation with tourism industry both local and national. Using qualitative approach, this paper tries to utilize five activities of co-creation (customer engagement, self-service, customer involvement, problem solving and co-design) to explore how value co-creation occurs in the context of small creative industry. The findings display a comprehensive framework to help small creative industry operate the value co-creation process by showing that Zocha not only a value facilitator but also a value co-creator.

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