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Soal Statistik Materi UTS



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Contoh soal Quiz Periode Setelah UTS Metode Kuantitatif Bisnis


1. Penugasan

2. Decision Table

3. Decision Tree

4. Teori Antrian

5. AHP

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Contoh Soal UTS Statistiska Bisnis (Business Statistics)

  1. Dari survey diperoleh bahwa penduduk Bandung yang berumur 26-40 tahun, 55% mempunyai mobil. Sedangkan penduduk Bandung yang berumur 18-25 tahun, 15% mempunyai mobil. Survey dilakukan kepada 500 responden dari masing-masing kategori umur.
    1. Buatlah tabel kontingensi!
    2. Berapa kemungkinan responden mempunyai mobil?
    3. Berapa kemungkinan responden mempunyai mobil atau berumur 26-40 tahun?
    4. Bila diketahui responden mempunyai mobil , berapa kemungkinan responden berumur 18-25 tahun?
  2. Bank Mandiri melaporkan bahwa 75 % nasabahnya memiliki rekening giro, 65 % memiliki rekening tabungan dan 45 % memiliki keduanya...
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Final Term of Business Statistics 2015 (Question and Answer)

  1. [20%}

A pet food company has a business objective of expanding its product line beyond its current kidney and shrimp-based cat foods. The company developed a new product based on chicken liver. The company conducted an experiment to compare the new product and its two existing one in a supermarket chain. For the experimet, a sample of 30 cats from the population at a local animal shelther was selected. Ten cats were randomly assigned to each of 3 products being tested. The result for this experiment are summarized in the following table.

At the level of 0.05 level of significance, is there evidence of a difference in the mean amount of food eaten among the various products? If appropiate, which products appear to differ significantly in the mean amount of food eaten?


  1. [25%]

A company...

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Contoh Penyelesaian Soal Statistika Bisnis

Soal diambil dari buku Berenson, Levine dan Krehbeil Edisi 12

10.68 and 12.79 (PROPORTION 2 SAMPLE)

According to Cencus Estimates, there are about million children between 8 and 12 years old (referred to as TWEENS) in the US in 2009. A recent survey of 1.223 of 8-12 year old children (S. Jayson, “It’s Cooler Than Ever To Be a Tween,” USA Today, February 4, 2009, pp.1A,2A) reported the following results. Suppose the survey was based on 600 boys and 623 girls.

What Tweens Did in the past Week

Boys Girls
Played a game on a video game system 498 243
Read a book for fun 276 324
Gave product advice to parents 186 181
Shopped at a mall 144 161

For each type of activity, determine whether there is a difference between boys and girls at the 0.01 level of significance.

  1. Use tw...
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Contoh Soal Quiz Metode Kuantitatif Bisnis



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