Review Mie Goreng Aceh

Hallo Food Lovers…in this article i wanna share you about the taste of Mie Goreng Aceh. Many Europeans especially dutch know Bami Goreng. Mie Goreng Aceh is kind of Bami but has different seasoning and ingredients.  This Mie (noodle/ bami) dish is specialty of Acehnese people from Aceh region, Indonesia. It served with several topping such as slices of beef, goat meat or seafood, such as shrimp or crab, you can choose one topping or combine it.

The ingredients mixture consist of black pepper, red chili pepper, onions, garlic, cardamom, caraway, cumin and star anise. The noodle and spices are cooked with bean sprouts, tomato, cabbage and celery.

There are two types of Mie Aceh, Goreng (dry) and Kuah (soup). Both are delicious, but Mie Goreng Aceh is my favorite. The price is reasonable, under IDR 100 K at restaurants.

If you like other Indonesian recipe such as Chicken Curry, I am pretty sure that you will like Mie Aceh too. 🙂





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