Garbage In Products Out: Service Science using Co-opetition in Sukaregang Leather Industry


Sukaregang, a central of small industry in Garut – West Java, has been well-known as the largest leather producer in Indonesia since 1920. The main products (such as bag, shoes, jacket, etc.) are popular both in domestic market and overseas. Now, there are 330 entrepreneurs in Sukaregang that focus on producing goods from leather. They separate into two segments: (1) main leather product: jacket, footwear, and bag, (2) waste leather product: wallet, belt, hat, key chain, cell phone case, etc.

 Today, the sale of Garut leather products has been one of the fastest growing markets in Indonesia. This study is focused on Sukaregang leather industry. Through conducted survey method and using Value Net of Co-opetition approach, we combined the concept of Service Science and center of industry. Co-opetition is doing collaboration and competition in the same time to gain win-win solution. The relationships between showrooms, home industries, consumers, leather suppliers in Sukaregang Leather Industry show us that co-opetition among them create value co-creation.

Selengkapnya buka link ini yah  Service Science Coopetition Sukaregang Garut

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