Central Tendency 2 Camera

The Cost of 14 models of 15-megapixel digital cameras at a camera specialty store during 2014 was as follows.

340         450         450         280         220         340         290

370         400         310         340         430         270         380


  1. Compute the mean, median, first quartile and third quartile
  2. Compute the range, interquartile range, variance, standard deviation and a coefficient of variation
  3. Based on the result what conclusions can you reach concerning the price of 15-megapixel digital cameras at a camera specialty store during 2014?

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    Trying and learning how to solve this questions

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    thanks, this is helps me to test how far my abilty about numerical descriptive measures 🙂

  • Rendi Haryadi Dharmawan  says:

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    Thank you for your data and the questions. It makes me to train more and more again

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    it is exciting. thank you

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    Had difficulties at first but then after checking my notes and asking my friend i was able to overcome that

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    Arlinda Meidina Shabila

    Thankyou for your questions, very useful to practice

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    thank you for your question, it really helps me to exercise more about this subject.

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    Thanks for the question , it really effective to push me exercise this subject

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