Bandung Culinary: Analysis of Factors that Influence Consumer in Buying Tahu Jeletot


Innovation is needed to improve and to develop the business. With innovation, business people can create new product that differentiates with other product which already known before. Tahu is kinds of traditional food contain a lot of protein. In these days, tahu is not only a homemade cooking, but has become a popular food for everyone. Even now, a lot of tourist whose come to Bandung made tahu becomes one of their favorite foods and a gift brought back from their trip. There are a lot of kinds of tahu in West Java, Indonesia. Everyone already knows and familiar with Tahu Sumedang, Tahu Cibuntu and also Tahu Lembang. Not like other tahu, tahu jeletot become a new trend of food in Bandung. Creative producer try to add the fried tahu with chili into it and make the taste become very spicy. This simple idea comes from people’s habit which is eating tahu with chili as a flavor enhancer. Today, we can find easily the seller of tahu jeletot in Bandung, especially near Alfamart minimarket. This paper will discuss how the simple idea for traditional food can create a new business and also have a good prospect in the future, especially in Bandung. Also, using factor analysis we identify the factors on which the consumer makes their purchasing decisions based on product attributes like price, taste, packaging, branding, size, and service. Based on the results of research, the critical attributes in the purchase decision are taste, brand, and size.


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