Analysis of “Drama Theory” in the Bankruptcy Scenario of the Biggest Indonesia Cellular Telecommunication Business


This study presents “drama theory” in the bankruptcy scenarioof PT TX. The drama divided into 3 phases. The first phase is when Local Commercial Court (LCC) declared the bankruptcy of PT TX until PT TX filed a cassation appeal to the Supreme Court(SC). The second phase is when PT TX and SSS refused to pay the
Curator’s fee and the third phaseis when SC gave sanction to LCC.
The Data about PT TX bankruptcy mapped intocommon references frame and analyzed using drama theory approach. Results showthat from the first frame to the third frame, there are 13 dilemmas faced by all parties involved in the
case of PT TX bankruptcy. Thefirst and second frame consist of Rejectio
n, Threat and Persuasion dilemmas. On the third frame, there
are rejection dilemmashappened both of SC and Curator. This study is a preliminary research and the assessed using secondary data derived from severaleligible internet news periods between August 3rd 2012 – October 16th 2013. The result showed how a health and giant company nearlyfell, and explains what dilemmas were removed so that the problem could be solved.
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