An Exploratory Study: The Reasons Why People Use Laundry By The Kg Service and Why They Choose CYARA Laundry?


This paper has two main objectives, first to explore the factors affect people in using laundry by the kg, and the factors affect people in choosing CYARA Laundry as their laundry by the kg. This research was conduct using CYARA Laundry’s customers, and use it population to obtain the data. Using mix method research design, we combine qualitative and quantitative. Qualitative using in-dept. interview is needed to receive basic information about laundry by the kg from the respondent, and quantitative using questionnaire is needed to test hypothesizes. Also triangulation is used to receive more explanation from the results. Exploratory Factor Analysis (EFA) Is used to process the data and there is evidence that variables of lazy, busy, suggestion, cheap, practice, weather, space and environment are the factors that affect people in using the services of laundry by the kg. But there is no evidence that variables of hygiene, perfume type, speed, neatness, service, machine brand, appearance, price, location, assurance and promotion are the factors that affect people in choosing the services of CYARA Laundry, because one variable removed (price).

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