Multimethodology:for Mixing Towards a FrameworkMethodologies (Mingers,1997)

A paradigm is a very general set of philosophical assumptions that define the nature of possible research and intervention. We shall distinguish between paradigms in terms of three philosophical dimensions:

  • ontology: the types of entities assumed to existence (real world)
  • epistemology: the possibilities of, and limitations on, our knowledge of the world (perception)
  • Praxiology: how we should act in an informed and reflective manner.

Methodology is a structured set of guidelines or activities to assist people in undertaking research or intervention.

  • Usually there is more than one methodology within a paradigm.
  • Methodologies may be developed self-consciously as methodologies (for example, Soft Systems Methodology), or they may emerge as broad prescriptions for good practice in using particular techniques within a paradigm (as is the case with the traditional OR methodology of model building)


Framework for mapping methodologies


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